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By 2011, four of every five people who use the Internet will actively participate in Second Life or some similar medium, according to Gartner Research, which recently did a study looking at the investment potential of virtual worlds.If Gartner is to be believed (and it is one of the most respected research firms in the field) this means 1.6 billion—out of a total 2 billion Internet users—will have found new lives online.

Three years ago she started buying and developing virtual land in Second Life to see whether its virtual economy could sustain a real life.

It was created on software that operates across multiple servers—a grid system that could easily grow to accommodate a large, far-flung community.

A user in Germany could easily partner with a peer in Mexico to form their own mini-community inside Second Life, based on common interests—architectural designs, whatever.

They're also doing business, collaborating on research, teaching courses, dating and even having sex.

More than 45 multinational companies, including the likes of American Apparel, IBM, General Motors and Dell are beginning to use the medium for customer service, sales and marketing.

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